What Tempus stands for:

We are convinced of the power of language and lament the movement towards a "bite-size culture".

We believe that the actor's performance is the heart of theatre.

We believe that theatre should reflect all members of its community.

Celebrating the ephemeral essence of theatre – the unrepeatable moment of performance – Tempus is committed to creating, fostering, developing and producing strong, text-based work that provokes consideration of the past that has shaped us, the present we live in and the possible futures we may encounter.

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36 VIEWS, which closed May 23 2009, garnered a chorus of fantastic reviews. Audience and critical response to the story and the ideas it serves up for discussion were extremely gratifying and confirmed for us the value of the play.

36 VIEWS is written in such a way that the audience experiences a melding of Eastern and Western forms of theatre. Naomi Iizuka magically creates a contemporary play set in a modern, metropolitan city incorporating strong elements of traditional Japanese Kabuki, Noh theatre, and references to touchstones of Japanese culture such as Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book, Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji and traditional music.
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Valerie Sing Turner in 36 VIEWS


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