Tempus Theatre Company Vancouver
A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee

Colin Thomas, of the Georgia Straight, says:

"Albee's A Delicate Balance overflows with such philosophical subtlety and wit that you will be renewed if you see it...
the strengths of this production allow the play to shine through - brilliantly. Anna Hagan's performance is grounded and richly intelligent. Terence Kelly delivers masterful work as Tobias. And Teryl Rothery is wrenchingly funny."

Jo Ledingham, of the Vancouver Courier, says

"It's a subtle, creepy play-a modern horror story.
Anthony F. Ingram deftly directs this Pulitzer Prize-winning play... Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly as Agnes and Tobias... are a joy to watch."

Jerry Wasserman, of The Province and Vancouverplays.com, says

"In this Tempus Theatre production, real-life couple Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly skillfully embody Agnes and Tobias...Kelly, especially, gets it absolutely right in his portrait of the hollow man and his quiet, contained, befuddled despair."

Jane Penistan, of reviewVancouver.org says

"With intelligent direction of Anthony F. Ingram and strong, assured and convincing performances... this is a well conceived production of a seldom presented, but well written and interesting play... it is well worth going to Jericho Arts Centre to see this maintenance of A Delicate Balance."

Tempus Theatre, Vancouver's newest theatre company, presents Edward Albee's Pulitzer Prize winning play: A Delicate Balance.

On an autumn weekend, Agnes and Tobias find their stately home invaded by her alcoholic sister, their daughter who has just left her fourth marriage, and their best friends seeking refuge from a mysterious terror. As the powerful ties between family, friends and each other begin to pull in opposing directions, Agnes and Tobias discover that more is at stake than just who gets the spare room.

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March 1 - March 18, 2007
8 pm Tuesday to Sunday
Jericho Arts Centre
1675 Discovery Street (at NW Marine Drive)

Pay What You Will:
Feb 28 (preview), March 6 & 13
"[A Delicate Balance] is basically about these people who have accommodated to their own weaknesses and compromises, the adjustments they've made. When the time comes that there is a demand put on them, they have to figure out whether or not they are strong enough anymore to do what should normally be done; the Christian way, to take you in. The [delicate balance] is between what we should be doing and what we ultimately decide we need to do to protect ourselves."

- Edward Albee

This Pulitzer Prize winning play is by Edward Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) and is the inaugural production of Tempus Theatre.

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